Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Personal Reflections - Roy

1) Main Concept/New Knowledge learnt
I have learnt more about how to use Google Sketchup, especially how to add and manipulate textures and their colours. I have also learnt about what kinds of considerations were taken when designing a floor plan or a building design, like how would the colour of the exterior of a building can affect the surroundings, or how the floor plan can affect the accessibility of certain rooms.

2) Difficulties encountered
I had encountered problems when using Sketchup, like Hidden Geometric Errors that would sometimes cause difficulties in creating walls or lines. This had further caused the problem of applying textures to certain walls, as the Hidden Geometric Errors caused some walls from different rooms to share the same texture. Another problem encountered was the loss of the updated versions of my files when my hard drive was damaged.

3) How did you overcome the difficulties faced?
I had overcome my problems with Sketchup's Hidden Geometric Errors by continuously undoing actions and looking for which action had caused the error. I had overcome the problem with the loss of my files by retrieving the last version of the files that were submitted, and had to find the information inputed in the deleted version of the Journal again.

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